Your career at PEC

Tutor program

As from the first day we want to make you feel welcomed in the PEC community. During the first months, you will be guided by a tutor, an experienced colleague, who will not only provide you with practical information about the organization, but who will also introduce you to your colleagues, the office processes and the working methods. You will quickly feel at ease and be confident to gradually evolve into a high performance professional. 

Ongoing training

The need for life-long learning and continuous development of our people is essential in the innovative and ever-changing technological environment we are working in. At PEC we commit to continuously invest in your personal development by offering internal and external trainings to help you fulfill your potential. Furthermore, the variety in projects and technologies and PECs focus on team-work, have created a stimulating working environment, in which you will enrich your skills and gain many insights on a daily basis. Since many of our projects require a multi-disciplinary approach, you will also get the opportunity to learn a lot from your colleagues from other departments and our offices worldwide. 


Thanks to our innovative spirit, passion for technology and continued R&D efforts, PEC is ready and prepared to face the challenges of today’s changing market. 
At PEC we continuously try to be ahead of the future: our innovative approach and never-ending research for the latest technologies, allow us to react proactively to the challenges of the fast changing world. 

Career path

You have your professional development mainly in your own hands. However, as employer we want to support you in building your personal career and help you to maximize your talents. In order to stimulate personal development for each employee, PEC offers a transparent general career path with a lot of individual flexibility: 

1) Technical growth to expert level 
Depending on your background and position, you start at PEC at a certain level of hierarchy. As a fresh graduate, you start at an Entry Level position. In the beginning, you will have to find your way at PEC and get familiarized with your responsibilities. This way you will gain the needed experience and skills to evolve to the level of a high performance professional. You can then choose to deepen your knowledge of a specific discipline and take on more complex issues, and climb up to the Specialist Level. The employees at this level are the experts in their field and are valued for their profound technical skills. 

2) Management career
You can also opt for a career in management. During your years as professional, you have successfully deployed your talent for supervision, organization and planning and your broad technical knowledge. As a manager, you will be made responsible for a project team and take the lead in several projects. If you continue to refine your management and technical skills, you can be promoted to a higher management level and become responsible for a department and coordinate a large, international team of employees. As your insight in the business increases and you wish to contribute on a larger scale to the organization, you might become a member of the general management. 

3) Horizontal or international career development
Are you in need of completely new challenges and do you want to broaden your knowledge; you can also move on to another department and pursue your career in a different field. Or why not go across the borders, and add a challenging, international chapter to your career at PEC?