What we offer

Possibilities for growth and learning

Engineer your own future at PEC, where you will find several opportunities to develop your talents and successfully direct your own career. PEC supports and organizes professional training and certification programs, in combination with personal coaching for starters. Thanks to our transparent general career path you will find many opportunities to grow and move within the company.

International career and travel opportunities

Do you want to extend your boundaries and grow your international network? Think of the numerous contacts with foreign colleagues and clients you will have during the diverse and different projects you work on. This opens the door for many traveling opportunities. During these trips you will get the chance to meet your foreign colleagues in Asia, Europe, US … . It is the perfect occasion to get to know a different culture and to adapt to the local habits of a country. From a non-touristic view you will see places you never could imagine. If you’re looking for more, and want to experience a total cultural immersion, you can get the chance to relocate to one of our offices worldwide.


In addition to an attractive gross salary, PEC also provides a number of interesting benefits like hospitalization insurance, eco-vouchers, …
The details depend on your position, background and experience.
Besides that we help you find the ideal combination between your home and work life by offering you flexible work hours.