About us

Our company

Our commitment to integrated systems, using the latest automation, electronics and industrial IT technology, combined with strong business domain knowledge, results in PEC being a leading capital goods supplier for several industries such as Advanced Battery Manufacturing and Cash Processing. For more information about our services and expertise, go to www.peccorp.com.

Our people

Worldwide the PEC group employs motivated and enthusiastic professionals from diverse backgrounds. Two thirds of our personnel have a Master’s degree in Engineering or another technical domain (mechanics, electronics, software …). 
Our other personnel members have a degree in economics, logistics, management, psychology… Furthermore, even though the majority is Belgian, Hungarian and Chinese, our employees are from more than 12 different nationalities, with an average age of 31.

International presence

Founded in 1984, PEC is now firmly headquartered in Leuven. Ever since the start-up, the company has known a steady growth and international expansion. 
Besides our HQ in Leuven, we now have multiple development and project management centers in Hungary (Budapest), the United States (Coconut Creek, FL), China (Shanghai), Japan (Tokyo) and recently Germany (Berlin). 

Engineer your future

Thanks to our continuing growth and international expansion, PEC has a number of interesting opportunities for ambitious professionals. 
At PEC we give you the opportunity to engineer your own future and grow and develop yourself in a dynamic and open company that focuses on innovation and creativity.